Top Things To Do In Vegas For Fun

Top Things To Do In Vegas For Fun

Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination, but you could find yourself in Las Vegas for work or a conference. However, the reality is that whatever brings you to Las Vegas doesn’t change the fact that you want to have fun while you’re there. Whether you’re there to have a traditional Vegas vacation or you want to stretch your legs outside the neon lights, there’s enough fun for everyone.

When your plane touches down at the McCarran International Airport, after you grab your rental car, you may not know where to go besides your hotel. To keep you from ambling about aimlessly on the strip, here are the top things to do in Las Vegas for fun. Whether you’re there to relax, eat good food, shop, or set off on an epic adventure, there’s something for everyone in Vegas.

For Fun

Everyone has their own idea of what fun looks like. We’ll touch on some partying, some shopping, some adventure, and some escapes and relaxation.

1. Omega Mart

The Omega Mart is the second permanent installation by the American arts and entertainment company Meow Wolf. Omega Mart is an interactive art experience. At first glance, you’re in a supermarket that’s a bit more extraordinary than you may realize. 

The art pieces that make up the supermarket come from international and local artists, and you can purchase the artwork you see to take home. A trip through the cooler room may take you into parts unknown. 

2. M&M’s World

Does anyone ever outgrow their love of the colorful candy M&M’s? Las Vegas doesn’t think so. As the first M&M’s store, you’ll be blown away by the 28,000 square feet of pure M&M appreciation. There are four levels for all the child-like fun you could want.

You can create personalized M&M’s, or you can visit the wall of M&M’s for a variety of colors. There are souvenirs and memorabilia. If you’ve ever wanted your favorite everyday items to have the M&M’s logo on them, this is the place to shop for them. You can watch a fun short film for free, see the M&M Toyota Camry race car, and so much more in a bright, colorful, and fun environment. 

3. Urban Necessities

For anyone who appreciates the fashion of shoes, Urban Necessities is an amazing stop to make in Las Vegas. This consignment shop features premier sneakers, vintage shoes, and hard-to-find shoes from various labels. Some of the most popular labels to shop from are Air Jordan, Adidas, Yeezy, and Nike. 

In addition to shoes, Urban Necessities offers apparel. You can shop or consign your own items for cash. All items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, no counterfeits. 

4. The Strat

The Strat is an iconic landmark in Las Vegas. It’s a hotel, but it’s also home to a casino, a wedding chapel, and four thrill rides. You can experience the view of Vegas from the observation tower or the rotating restaurant there two miles up from the entrance, and if that’s not enough of a thrill, you can SkyJump from the SkyPod 829 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. 

5. Canyon Ranch Spa and Fitness

If you need to use your Vegas trip for restoration, the Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness has all the services you need for an unforgettable experience. At the spa, you can opt for a massage, body wraps, a facial, ritual baths, and various body treatments.

The fitness aspects of the facility allow you to meet your fitness needs whether you need a challenge or to nourish or recover. After your workouts and spa treatments, there are salon services to have you looking your very best from top to bottom or tip to toe. 

The Canyon Ranch Spa even has services for couples if you’re looking for a luxurious experience with the one you love. Vegas can move at a fast pace around you, but it’s nice to know that there’s a 134,000 square foot space to attend to what your body needs and slow it down.

For Food

It’s hard to have fun when you’re hungry. Here are the top places to eat for fun while you’re in Vegas. 

1. Amano

It’s an understatement that a lot of drinking happens in Vegas. If you find yourself ravenously hungry or in need of some good food to absorb a little overindulgence, you should head over to Amano. They offer up all your Italian classics and faves like pizza, pasta, and dessert. 

Amano has amazing food at a reasonable price. Just because you’re gambling at the casino doesn’t mean you’re ready to throw your money away at the dinner table, and the Amano is a safe bet for filling you up before the next round.

2. Hell’s Kitchen

One of the appeals of a Vegas vacation is to have an experience. Hell’s Kitchen is an experience plus food. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped on the set of Gordon Ramsey’s show, and you’ll find yourself wishing that something was just a little bit “RAW!” while you take in the gorgeous views through the floor-to-ceiling windows. 

The Red and Blue kitchens serve from the simplistic and delicious menu, and you’ll finally taste the flavors you’ve been watching people prepare for years. The only challenge will be choosing just one entree and containing your excitement.

3. The Front Yard

The Front Yard offers some laid-back dining for watching a game or drinking a beer, a beer garden with a second-floor atrium, gaming, live entertainment, and tons of places to take your best Vegas pics for the Gram. Additionally, a new Tiki bar is at the Front Yard to offer you even more fun. 

You can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Village Pub and Cafe. If you’re ready for some barbecue, try out their Ellis Island BBQ and enjoy huge portions of delicious family recipes. And, if none of that quite suits you, try their Metro Pizza. Nothing loves you back like a fresh handmade pizza. 

For Adventure

Vegas is amazing at fitting a whole world of experiences in just 4.2 miles, but let’s face it, sometimes you need to hop in the rental car and drive off to find what lies beyond the lights. A little break from all the glitter and glam can help you recharge before you get ready to wrap up a fantastic trip. Here are the must-see stops to choose from on your Vegas vacation for some added fun and adventure.

1. Seven Magic Mountains

When you’ve been enjoying the air conditioning and the amenities of Vegas, you might forget that you’re in the middle of the desert. The Seven Magic Mountains is desert artwork in large-scale design. The Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone designed this public art installation consisting of seven towers of stacked boulders. Each tower is a painted totem standing over 35 feet tall. The gorgeous contrast of art against the natural beauty will not only make some great photos for your trip, but it really sends the message of the human presence in the desert. 

The exhibit currently has an extended permit, but it is currently set to expire at the end of 2021. So, you’ll want to see it before it’s gone. Just remember to dress for the weather and stop for restroom breaks and snacks before you go. There are no additional amenities at the site, but it’s a beautiful aesthetic.

2. Red Rock Canyon

When you’ve been doing a lot of walking on your vacation, sometimes it’s nice to just sit in the car for a while and really take in a scenic drive. One of the Red River Canyon features is a 13-mile scenic drive to meet such a need. 

When you arrive at Red Rock Canyon, you can set off on trails and hikes to take in the natural beauty that the area around Vegas has to offer. From the red Calico Hills to Ice Box Canyon, you’ll find so much natural beauty and fresh air, or you can hike yourself up to the summit of Turtlehead Peak for an epic view.

Red Rock Canyon is full of places to explore and nature to see. The trails are the perfect place to quiet your mind after an exciting time on the Strip, and it’s worth the short drive.

3. Grand Canyon

There is no better add-on to an epic Vegas vacation than driving over to see the Grand Canyon. In about 4.5 hours, you’ll be at the famous South Rim, taking in the breathtaking views that make the place worth seeing in person. Just don’t forget to appreciate the iconic stops along the way, like the Hoover Dam in Boulder City or the classic Route 66 between Kingman and Seligman. 

You’ll quickly turn your Vegas trip into an all-American road trip with all the classic stops. 


Vegas has it all for you to enjoy on whatever sort of trip or adventure you find yourself on. Just make sure that while you’re there, you have fun and enjoy the experience. Fuel up your mind, body, and car while you enjoy all that the City of Lights has to offer you.

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