Types of Trucks You Need To Know About

Types of Trucks You Need To Know About

Every day you hit the road, you see dozens, if not hundreds, of different trucks carrying loads, transporting people, and performing essential tasks for the national and worldwide economy. Trucks are dependable, sturdy vehicles that fulfill lots of different functions depending on their designs, features, and engine power.

From time to time, you might need to recognize the different types of trucks so you can rent the right vehicle for your needs. Alternatively, knowing the different types of trucks can help you determine whether you are qualified to drive one vehicle or another. Today, let’s break down several types of trucks you need to know about in detail.

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are by far the most common trucks on the road. They are also the only trucks acceptable for household use! They are called pickup trucks because of their beds, which can be used to pick up supplies, camping equipment, moving boxes, and anything else you might need.

Pickup trucks, however, are still relatively easy to drive. You don’t need a special driver’s license or extra training to maneuver one of these down the road capably and safely. Pickup trucks provide a lot of flexibility and benefits to average Americans because they can haul bigger loads compared to sedans or vans.

Furthermore, many trucks are made with elevated suspensions, so they are great for offroading adventures or for driving on less than perfectly paved roads. You can find pickup trucks in dozens of different makes, models, and colors. If you need a truck for everyday driving or for carrying things for your family or workplace, a pickup truck is likely the best choice. 

Boat Haulage/Hauling Truck

There are boat haulages or hauling trucks. As their name suggests, boat hauling trucks are perfect for transporting boats to and from bodies of water. It’s true that SUVs or even large cars can carry small boats, especially single or two-person watercraft like kayaks.

However, the heaviest and best boats, especially those powered by motors, have to be transported by small, specialized trucks called haulages. Alternatively, you have to tow your boat with a specialized boat loader. These loaders are designed specifically for stability and safety when hauling the massive weight of a boat from place to place.

Generally, you won’t own or operate a boat hauling truck unless you work for a company that offers this service. You might be able to rent one, however.

Car-Carrying Truck

Some trucks are designed to carry other vehicles. Car-carrying trucks are single or double-decker vehicles that tow large lines of cars behind them. These typically have open trailers, though some come with closed designs. All of them come with built-in ramps you can use to load and unload the vehicles. Car-carrying trucks are exclusively used by manufacturers, dealerships, and similar companies.

Cement Truck

Cement trucks are specialized trucks that have concrete mixers hooked up to their cabins. Thus, these are bulky and unwieldy vehicles designed to move mixing cement and water from place to place. Most cement trucks are maneuverable enough that they can pour concrete into designated areas.

Generally, you need a special license and skills to drive a cement truck well.

Chiller Truck or Reefer

A chiller truck or reefer is a refrigerator truck. It’s like a large semi-truck but its cargo compartment has lots of cooling equipment. This allows any perishable food or supplies to be kept fresh during the transportation process.

Naturally, chiller trucks are mostly used by grocery stores and industries where there are perishable products. They can be used to transport liquid carbon oxide, dry ice, and many other things as well.

Fire Truck

Who can forget bright red fire trucks? Fire trucks are distinct emergency vehicles that you can only drive if you work for a fire department. Fire trucks are pretty large, and they come with many different tools and attachments to hook up to local water lines for fighting fires. 

Many firetrucks also have extra places for firefighters to stand while in transit. They’re equipped with massive alarms and lights to signal that they’re coming and get other drivers to move out of the way. 

Tow Truck

Tow trucks are important vehicles that help to tow other vehicles or large loads out of the road or from place to place. Generally, they are employed by city municipal organizations or law enforcement organizations to move impounded, disabled, or wrongly parked vehicles away.

Tow trucks can bring their cargo to junkyards, towing companies, and police stations. These vehicles were first invented in 1916 and you usually need special training to operate and drive a tow truck safely since you need to know how to move with such a large load trailing behind you.

Livestock Truck

From time to time, livestock needs to be moved from place to place. Livestock trucks fit the bill and can get the job done banks to their inbuilt ramps, which allow livestock to be moved into and out of a storage compartment.

Once inside, livestock is fitted with special attachments to keep them stable and safe during transit. Many livestock trucks are equipped with water troughs or food stations so that livestock can eat and drink during the move, as well.

Logging Truck

Logging trucks or timber lorries are used to move lots of timber between different destinations. Most logging trucks come with integrated flatbeds and tractor units. With these tools, they can spread out the lumber loads as necessary and load lots of timber quickly and easily. 

Timber trucks are only ever operated by specialized drivers who work for timber companies since they have to drive very safely and carefully to prevent logs from falling out behind the truck or from causing the vehicle to tip over.

Semi Truck

Also called a semi-trailer truck, a semi-truck is a combined tractor unit and trailer designed to carry freight from place to place. These are the big supply carrying trucks you see on freeways across the country and around the world. They can be used to carry products, food, raw materials, and much more.

Mobile Crane Truck

Many trucks on construction sites double as mobile cranes. Mobile crane trucks can move from place to place instantly and lift large loads on construction worksites without the crew having to order a dedicated crane and install it in one place.

Many mobile crane trucks are great for lifting low to medium-weight loads. However, they are limited by their height and can’t lift loads as high as traditional cranes.

Tanker Truck

Tanker trucks are large, bulky vehicles that have huge tanks of chemicals or supplies on their trailers. Some tanker trucks have to be driven by very safe professionals who have lots of experience driving big trucks due to the volatility or danger of their loads.


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