Top Things To Do In Orlando, FL

Top Things To Do In Orlando, FL

If you’re in O-Town (Orlando, FL), you need to know the top things to do. There’s so much to choose from that you need a little help picking the top things to do. Consider this your guide to what to do in Orlando, Florida.

Of course, there are the obvious attractions like family destinations of Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, and you can certainly pick the right size rental car for your family and head out on an adventure as soon as you land at the airport and never leave the parks. 

However, if you want to take this international drive and experience more of the Universal Orlando resort and other fun attractions, there is plenty to see and do while you’re there. Here are the top things to do in Orlando.

Arcade Monsters 

Arcade Monsters is the largest arcade in Florida, and it is designed to be fun for all ages. There are over 200 games at Arcade Monsters, and there is plenty of food to choose from, including American and Cuban cuisine. They’re also open late (2 am), so you can play the night away. Even adults need to play sometimes.  

Lake Nona Tower Center 

There’s a little something for everyone at Lake Nona Town Center. There is public art to view and enjoy as well as restaurants and boutiques. You can snap some memorable photos from your trip and grab a slice of pizza in a fun atmosphere that even the locals enjoy.

Starry Night House

In 2017, homeowners in Mount Dora, FL, painted the outside of their home as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. The home is so beautiful that it’s worth the 45-minute car ride from the Orlando International Airport to see the “Starry Night House.” 

Immersive Van Gogh

After you’ve seen the Starry Night House, continue your appreciation for the incredible artist Vincent van Gogh with Orlando’s Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. 

The Axe Trap

Axe throwing is quickly becoming a trendy way to have a bit of fun with your friends. Axe throwing shops are popping up all across the country, and Orlando is no exception. If you haven’t been axe-throwing before, you may want to make a stop for some food and fun at the Axe Trap, where you can try your hand at hurling axes. 

Goat Yoga

Looking for unique entertainment? Yoga is a pretty popular discipline used for health and wellness the world over, but have you ever done yoga with baby goats? At Wildflower Farm, east of downtown Orlando, you hop in your rental car for a trip to go play with all the “kids” and participate in baby goat yoga lessons in an open venue. You’ll either relax from the stretching or all the laughs as you socialize with these little kids. 

Wall Crawl

When you plan a trip to the Sunshine State, the last thing you expect is to encounter a lot of rain on your vacation, but sometimes, Mother Nature loses our itinerary. So, it rains anyway. You shouldn’t have to miss out on great photo opportunities because it’s raining. You also shouldn’t have to be sweaty and squinting in every photo from your trip, either. 

The solution to all your photo op problems can be found at Wall Crawl. It is 4,500 square feet of climate-controlled, well-lit photo opportunity space for you and your crew. You get an hour with your group of up to 15 people to take all the vacation pics you want with over 20 walls of backdrops to choose from. So, you don’t have to head home without a great picture from your vacation.

Selfie WRLD

Speaking of photos, Orlando also has a Selfie WRLD. Selfie WRLD is a selfie museum. There are plenty of performing arts and interactive art installations to capture the best selfie of your trip for the “Gram.” You can have fun with your group, your bestie, or all by yourself. It is Selfie WRLD, after all. 

Orlando Watersports Complex 

What’s not to love about water parks? Orlando has one of the largest wakeboard parks in the United States, and it’s a great place to have some wet and outdoorsy fun. If wakeboarding isn’t your thing, the OWC also has over 10,000 square feet of aquapark fun for anyone over the age of 6. There are 40 features and a beach area, so there’s bound to be some water fun that’s just right for you and your crew.

Garra Spa

You’ve probably heard of including a trip to the spa on your vacation, but have you ever heard of a fish spa? At Garra Spa in Orlando, you can experience a fish pedicure where the Garra rufa fish, a fish native to the Middle East, will give you a relaxing foot massage as they brush against your skin. It’s a safe, fun experience, and even the kids can enjoy these toothless fish massages. 

Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions in Orlando, FL, has over 50 exhibits for you to explore, and an illusion is just an adventure for the mind. You can have fun adventures, learn a little bit, be blown away and deceived by what you perceive, and have some amazing photo opportunities with your group.

Magical Dining 

Every good vacation needs a culinary destination. When you go to Orlando, no matter what cuisine is calling you, Magical Dining has over 80 restaurants that participate in offering visitors a three-course, prix-fixe (a meal with a fixed price).

You can enjoy exquisite meals that include an appetizer, entree, and dessert without wondering how much your meal will cost. This is a great way to fit a nice dinner into your vacation budget. 

Sugar Factory

If you want to spot a celebrity dining out on your vacation, you may wish to visit Sugar Factory Orlando. The restaurant is a celebrity favorite, and it offers plenty on its menu to satisfy any sweet cravings you might be having while you’re on vacation. 

It’s also a great place to splurge because everyone knows that calories don’t count on vacation. 

Fun Spot America

If you want to have fun while you’re on vacation, it’s hard to pass up a place literally called the Fun Spot. There are obviously big theme parks to choose from in Orlando, but don’t let the smaller size of this theme park fool you. This theme park offers classics like Bumper Kars, Orlando’s only wooden roller coaster, and multi-level go-kart tracks. 

This is the spot for fun for all ages. It even has cabana rentals so you can enjoy the fun all day from your very own spot. 


Between Lake Eola Park, Seaworld Orlando, Madame Tussauds Orlando, and Disney Springs, Orlando is a popular vacation destination. Don’t forget to explore the wildlife at the Central Florida Zoo and Gatorland.

Millions of people travel to Orlando for a bit of fun and relaxation every year. There are certainly some traditional vacation plans you can make while you’re visiting Orlando, but hopefully, now you have some fun, new, and exciting choices in mind for your next trip to O-Town.

Orlando is a great place to plan a trip, whether you’re planning to bring the whole family, just your friends, or even take a solo trip. There’s always something to do and more ways to have fun.

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