Top Things to do in Kingston Ontario

Top Things to Do in Kingston Ontario

Kingston offers a plethora of popular things to see and do, making it a city worth a visit for any traveler. This Article will cover the Top things to do in Kingston Ontario, from historic landmarks and cultural sites to stunning waterfront areas and outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone. Start your exploration by taking one of the guided Kingston tours to discover the city’s rich history and heritage. Don’t miss out on visiting iconic places like the Kingston City Hall, Fort Henry National Historic Site, and the picturesque Kingston Waterfront. Kingston’s travel scene is well-served by the Kingston Airport, making it easily accessible for tourists. With its diverse range of tourist attractions, including museums, art galleries, and parks, Kingston offers endless opportunities for entertainment and discovery. If you’re looking to make the most of your visit, consider renting a car from Advantage Car Rental to conveniently explore all that this charming city has to offer.

What are the Top Attractions in Kingston?

Kingston Ontario

If you’re visiting Kingston, Ontario, there are plenty of attractions and activities to keep you entertained. The city, located on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, offers a rich history and diverse culture, making it a popular destination for tourists. Here are some of the top things to do while in Kingston.

When you think of Kingston, a couple of historic sites come to mind, including the famous Fort Henry, which was built in the 1800s to defend the city against invading American forces. You can enjoy tours of the fort, watch military demonstrations, and learn about the history of the fortification. Kingston’s City Hall is another must-visit place for history buffs, with its impressive architecture and interesting design. Finally, the Kingston Penitentiary is sure to be an unforgettable experience, being one of the most notorious prisons in Canada.

How Can I Explore The Top Things to do in Kingston Ontario?

Join a Kingston trolley tour and explore Kingston’s historic downtown, the waterfront, and Bellevue House. The waterfront is a great place to walk or bike, with plenty of parks and scenic routes to take in. Bellevue House, which was once the home of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, is another popular attraction, with tours available that give interesting insights into the life of the former prime minister.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Kingston?

The National Historic Site is a fascinating place to visit, located where Kingston’s Fortifications and the Rideau Canal meets. It’s a testament to the engineering marvels and military planning expertise of the early 19th century. The Rideau Canal, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, with plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and picnicking. Finally, the 1000 Islands, a group of islands in the St. Lawrence River, provides an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

What is the History of Kingston?

Kingston served as Canada’s first capital city before Ottawa took over that role. The city was once a bustling commercial and military hub, home to Sir John A. Macdonald. The city’s downtown area features several historic buildings, including the Kingston City Hall, which dates back to the 1800s. Wolfe Island and the St. Lawrence River have also played significant roles in Kingston’s history, acting as vital waterways for transporting goods and people across the region.

How Can I Plan My Visit to Kingston?

Getting to Kingston is easy, as it’s located between Toronto and Montreal, and can be accessed via Highway 401 or by train. Once you’ve arrived, there are plenty of options for accommodation, from budget-friendly motels and hotels to high-end resorts. Guided tours of Kingston can also be arranged, with knowledgeable guides to show you the best sights and hidden gems that Kingston has to offer.

Other fun things to do in Kingston include visiting Kingston Mills, a National Historic Site featuring a set of stunning locks along the Rideau Canal. The Agnes Etherington Art Centre, located on campus at Queen’s University, features an extensive collection of Canadian art and historical artifacts. Finally, the Haunted Walk of Kingston is a popular attraction that explores the city’s haunted past, giving visitors a spooky look into Kingston’s darker side.

Kingston is a great place to visit for anyone interested in Canadian history and culture. With its many attractions, including the top-rated Kingston Trolley Tour, Kingston’s City Hall, and the Kingston Penitentiary, as well as plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, it’s no wonder why Kingston remains a popular tourist destination.

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