Top things to do in Kensington Ontario

Kensington Market is one of the most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods in Toronto, Ontario. Known for its multiculturalism and bohemian atmosphere, Kensington is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting the city. From food and drink to shopping and entertainment, there are countless things to do in Kensington. In this post, we’ll explore the top things to do in Kensington, Ontario.

Explore the Market

Kensington Market is the heart of the neighborhood, and it’s one of the most unique and lively areas in Toronto. The streets are filled with colorful buildings, street art, and an array of quirky shops and cafes. The Market is a great place to wander around, shop for vintage clothing and accessories, and try different foods from all over the world.

Visit the Art Galleries

Kensington Market is home to many art galleries that showcase the work of local artists. The galleries are often housed in historic buildings and feature a range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and photography. Be sure to check out galleries like Blue Crow Gallery and 2of2 Gallery for a taste of Toronto’s vibrant art scene.

Experience the Nightlife

Kensington Market is home to some of the best bars and live music venues in Toronto. Venues like the Handlebar and Poetry Jazz Cafe offer live music and entertainment, while bars like Cold Tea and Ronnie’s Local 069 are great spots to grab a drink and socialize with the locals.

Attend Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Kensington Market hosts a variety of festivals and events that showcase the neighborhood’s culture and diversity. The Kensington Market Winter Solstice Festival, for example, is a celebration of the winter solstice with music, fire performers, and a parade. Other events include the Kensington Pedestrian Sundays, the Kensington Market Jazz Festival, and the Kensington Market Art Fair.

Take a Street Art Tour

Kensington Market is home to some of the best street art in Toronto, with colorful murals and graffiti covering the buildings throughout the neighborhood. You can take a guided street art tour to learn more about the artists and their work, or explore the streets on your own to discover hidden gems.

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Shop at the Farmers Market

The Kensington Market Farmers Market is a great place to stock up on fresh produce, meats, and baked goods from local farmers and producers. The market is open year-round and features a wide variety of products, including organic and vegan options.

Visit the Toronto Western Hospital

The Toronto Western Hospital is located in Kensington Market and is known for its cutting-edge medical research and treatments. The hospital is also home to the Krembil Neuroscience Centre, which focuses on research and treatment for neurological disorders.

Explore the Parks

Kensington Market is surrounded by several parks and green spaces that are great for a picnic or a leisurely stroll. Alexandra Park, located in the heart of Kensington, features a playground, a skating rink, and a community garden. Other nearby parks include Trinity Bellwoods Park and Queen’s Park.

Visit the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s main campus is located just north of Kensington Market, and it’s a great place to explore the city’s academic side. The campus features beautiful architecture and several museums and galleries, including the Art Museum at the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Visit the Spadina Museum

The Spadina Museum is a historic house museum located just outside of Kensington Market. The museum offers a glimpse into the lives of Toronto’s wealthy families in the early 20th century, with beautiful architecture, original furnishings, and stunning gardens.

Kensington Market is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood in Toronto that has something for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, an art lover, or just looking for a unique experience, Kensington is a must-visit destination in Ontario. From exploring the market to attending concerts and festivals, there are countless things to do in this bohemian neighborhood. So, be sure to add Kensington Market to your Ontario itinerary and experience the best of Toronto’s multiculturalism and creativity by getting around with a vehicle from Advantage Car Rental Toronto

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