Best 8 Things To Do in Miami This Year

Best 8 Things To Do in Miami This Year

Your plane lands at the Miami International Airport. Your vacation has started. You’ve got your rental car, and you’re singing, “I’m in Miami!” But, now that you’re in Miami, what are you going to do? With over 55 square miles, it would be easy to miss the best things to do in Miami, but there’s a reason over 14 million tourists come to Miami each year. 

Now, you may already be planning to spend most of your trip in the art deco nightclub district, and who could blame you? It’s truly one of the best nightclub districts in the world, but chances are you want to do a bit more than just party. So, let’s look at the eight best things to do in Miami this year.

1 – Miami Beach

Every year, one of the best things to do in Miami is to head out to the beach. Why would you ever go to an oceanfront city and not put your toes in the sand? Now, how you choose to enjoy the beach is up to you, but Miami is a great destination for beachgoers. It is the warmest location in the United States in the winter months. 

There’s always plenty of people-watching to do, but you could also get lost in a good book or just relax and soak up that vitamin D that the Sunshine State always has in buckets full. Enjoy a stroll in the white sands, or go for a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Just remember to put safety first.

There are three beach parks along the twenty miles of coastline in Miami. Each park offers a little something different from the next. At the Virginia Key Beach Park, you can learn about the park’s and Miami’s rich African American history. 

At Crandon Park, the whole family can have a tranquil day by the water. There are plenty of activities at Crandon Park to keep everyone busy. From golf to paddleboarding and kayaking to tennis, you’ll have plenty of fun. Pepper in an educational experience with a stop at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center to learn biology and maybe even see some baby sea turtles up close.

Head up to Matheson Hammock Park for a great sunrise and a beautifully conserved area that also surrounds the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden. Not to mention the gorgeous drive down Old Cutler Road that makes the trip worth it by itself. 

2. Artechouse 

Artechouse is an innovative art installation in Miami. It is dedicated to the fusion of art, science, and technology. This art compilation from various artists is a really exciting art opportunity. 

Artechouse in Miami currently features the Ase: Afro Frequencies exhibit by the talented artist Vince Fraser. This multisensory and immersive exhibit was inspired by a West African concept that relates to our collective power to create change. This idea is called “ase,” and the exhibit celebrates the Black experience and all the historical, societal, and cultural aspects of that experience. 

3. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens were previously the villa and estate of James Deering. This property is gorgeous, and it truly lives up to the beauty of its namesake in Spain. The villa was built in 1916 as a winter retreat, and the architecture is simply stunning and elegant.

The Italian Renaissance inspired the lavish design, and the museum has most of the original artwork and furnishings. You’ll feel like you’re walking through Versailles in France when you see the formal gardens that surround the villa. 

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens will be like an escape from your vacation. It’s hard to describe just how beautiful the property is in person, but it is a must-see for anyone traveling to Miami. 

4. Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard

While you’re in Miami, it is worth the car ride to drive down Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard. This gorgeous scenic drive has all that you want on a visit to South Beach. The boulevard has iconic high-rise buildings, great views of the Atlantic ocean, and all the swaying palm trees to put you in sync with life in south Florida. 

It’s not a bad idea to park your car and take a stroll down the boulevard. Take in the view and the atmosphere. Grab a bite to eat, and just appreciate the gorgeous destination you’ve found yourself in. 

As part of the A1A scenic loop, good luck convincing yourself to stop driving on this gorgeous stretch of road by the ocean. 

5. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

If you’ve ever seen the movie Forrest Gump, you know how inspiring it can be, and it is from that inspirational movie that an American seafood restaurant chain was born. As of 2015, the restaurant chain is now worldwide. 

When you’re at the beach, it’s hard to pass up any opportunity for good seafood. Like the movie, the menu is full of classics that warm your heart. Even if shrimp isn’t your thing, there are plenty of classic southern-style comfort foods to choose from, and you can test your movie trivia while you wait. 

There’s also plenty of souvenirs like t-shirts, a box of chocolates, cookbooks, and more. You can’t have a good vacation without good food, and a stop at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company will have you hooked.

6. Nikki Beach 

If you want a quintessential South Beach experience, you have to stop at the hotspot on the beach Nikki Beach. It is open year-round, and it is a popular destination for locals, frequent flyers of the area, and celebrities.

Beautiful views’ll surround you while you relax on one of their day beds in the sun and enjoy a delicious meal or fun cocktail. Nikki Beach restaurants are located worldwide in places like Thailand, Greece, Spain, France, and the UAE, and the menu is representative of their global presence. Classical taste that you find in their decor and pieces like their signature teepee is universal, and there’s beauty in the simplistic elegance at Nikki Beach.

You may just have stopped for lunch, but it’s hard to leave when you’re enveloped in happy music and watching the ocean waves of the Atlantic. If you do manage to pull yourself away, you’ll be planning a return visit to experience one of the best high-end brunches in Miami.

7. Paradise Island

If you’re already in South Beach, chances are you feel pretty close to paradise already, but if you’re looking for some fun and adventure, you can kayak or paddleboard to Paradise Island. 

There are paddleboard tours where you can travel with a local professional that knows the area. You’ll get a collection of memorable photos of the gorgeous views that will have all your friends oohing and ahhing over your trip pics. 

Many of these tours will offer access to coffee and pastries. You can usually go for a swim to enhance the beauty of your trek out to the island. Besides sinking your toes in the white sand of the beaches, you may also be able to spot a manatee or dolphin along your way. 

With such a bustling city life by the beach, it’s nice to know there are escapes into the natural beauty available on your vacation. 

8 – Wynwood Walls

Wynwood is one of Miami’s most exciting districts. There are plenty of craft breweries, bistros, clothing boutiques, and late-night bars in Wynwood. The crowd here is young and stylish. 

Wynwood is probably most well known for its colorful murals. The Wynwood Walls are an outdoor museum of urban art. It features artists from around the world, and the graffiti and street art are unique and exciting to take in as a visitor. 

Wynwood Walls was a vision by Tony Goldman that came to life in 2009. He saw the big warehouses of the warehouse district and saw canvases. Over 50 artists from over 16 countries have transformed the walls. 

In addition to the Wynwood Walls, artists have also participated in a project called the Wynwood Doors. As you walk around the area and soak in the culture and talent of the various artists, it’s hard to believe that such a vital and exciting place was previously a dump. 

With the vision of Tony Goldman, the area has been transformed, and that dump is now a park with beautiful trees and boulders surrounded by art. Since its early days, Wynwood has grown to include the Wynwood Walls Garden for visitors of the outdoor museum to enjoy even more installations. 


Miami is an exciting place to visit. You can come back again and again, and each visit can be a different experience from the last. Whether you’re on a family vacation, traveling alone, or you’re traveling with a companion or two, Miami has everything you need to have a fun and exciting time. 

From natural beauty to historical and artistic appreciation to luxurious high-end experiences, Miami never disappoints. 

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